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Contents and weights will vary but, as a guideline, each pack should weigh approximately 20kg and contain:

• roasting/pot roasting joints – derived from topside, silverside, thick flank, LMC or brisket

• packs of grilling/frying steak – derived from rump, sirloin, fillet and rib eye

• packs of braising steaks – derived from the chuck eye, feather and blade

• 1 pack of stewing steak – derived from the leg and the shin

• packs of diced beef – derived from lean trimmings

• packs of mince – derived from trimmings

20kg Beef Box

Expected by Late Summer/Autumn
  • Boxes are ordered forward ahead of butchering, so waiting times will vary on availability.

  • Beef boxes/packs to be collected on farm unfrozen on designated day, freshly collected from the butcher.

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